Let Us Help You Safely Work Smarter, Anywhere

In the next decade, our society’s data will increase 44 times, while the number of IT professionals will grow by only 1.4 times. We’re approaching a tipping point where worker productivity is hampered by information overload. Team members need smart ways to organize information so that they can find what they need in the flood of data. In fact, in the next year alone, there will be more data generated than in all of human history, and it is all in your inbox. (Information Explosion article by IDC.)

Many organizations feel overwhelmed when thinking about the future of messaging. Microsoft Exchange will continue to help solve business needs in an innovative and smart manner.  Our messaging and communication consultants help organizations all over the U.S. tailor their communication solution based on their unique needs, and maintain their ability to control when and what moves to the cloud, on their terms.  Experienced in helping organizations plan, roll-out and support Microsoft-based email solutions.

Our messaging and communication consultants are experts in the entire suite of Microsoft technology products, including Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Servers. We can help you seamlessly migrate email systems across brands and versions―from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange, or upgrade to newer versions of Exchange―with minimum disruptions.  In the process of migration, we audit your messaging system design, recommend architectural changes, and custom deploy your systems environment.

Benefits of Exchange Server for your business:

  • Anywhere access to business communications
  • Flexible and reliable messaging platform
  • Protection and compliance capabilities
  • Reduce deployment costs
  • Increased reliability
  • Simplified disaster recovery
  • Decreased inbox overload
  • Transformed voice mail
  • Simplified compliance and discovery