Why ProSource

Creating harmony between business objectives and the technology that supports them.

While we’re experts in technology, what drives us is delivering business value to your organization.

It is this ardent focus on value that has led us to become a nationally recognized leader in helping businesses solve their most critical challenges and our services being highly valued at the executive level.

Business value isn’t just what is new or next, sometimes it is more effectively utilizing what you have.

More times than not, we have found that our clients already have most, if not all, of the technology they need, it just isn’t deployed in the most effective and efficient way. Our first order of business is to always seek significant business impact from a company’s existing resources, which is always the less costly and disruptive option.

When necessary, and sometimes it is, we add other technology that can bolster your environment, make things easier and more efficient and deliver measurable impact to your company’s bottom line, but only after we have fully utilized what you already have and come up with a change management plan that makes everything run smoothly.

Our Values

Awards and recognition don’t happen by accident. They are the result of exercising our core values towards your business proposition over and over again.  One of the most important reasons to choose ProSource is our core values.  They define us and drive everything we do. They are one of our biggest differentiators and make us who we are. They are:

  • Conscientiousness: When we work for you, we internalize your challenges and success, we take ownership, we work harder, and we care.  We only believe in how.  Your success is our success.
  • Integrity: We’re upfront and honest – always.
  • Tenacious Focus: ProSource team members can’t be stopped. We never stop driving, figuring out what’s most effective, and bringing tasks to completion. Our creativity and desire to drive value pushes us to accomplish truly amazing results.
  • Trustworthiness: We keep our commitments, and meet and exceed expectations. No exceptions.
  • Empathy: We keep focus on what our customers need and want.  By putting ourselves in our customers place, it allows us to understand that value and what our customers want and need, not what we think they need.
  • Flexibility: One size definitely does not fit all, and we realize solutions need to be specific for your business and its challenges in order to maximize the effectiveness and return on investment of each and every technology initiative.
  • Thoroughness: We understand that change is difficult and that technology changes can affect an entire organization and not just the department(s) we are working with. We are experienced at implementing and managing change and clearly understand how to mitigate risks and negative consequences typically associated with a technology initiative.
  • Grace Under Fire: Sometimes no matter how simple the project or how comprehensive the planning, there’s the potential for challenges to arise. When they do, we respond! We handle issues and challenges calmly, with genuine commitment and care, and that truly separates us from the rest.