Strategic Staffing Services

The Best People, in the Right Place, at the Right Time

In the world of technology, people are not just a part of the IT productivity equation, they operate, manage, dictate and drive it. Quite simply, people determine whether your business succeeds or fails and whether the sophisticated technology platforms you have purchased fully realize their true potential.  These business truths are why locating and securing the best talent available is a critical business objective for you and your company.

We are here to help by offering you the ability to obtain all of your IT staffing needs from one source, ProSource.  Whether it’s a full-time hire, a temporary short-term assignment or a longer term engagement, our staffing services can find you who you need for as long as you need them and make certain they are the right fit for the task at hand and the culture of your organization.

Thanks to ProSource’s vast relationships and deep bench of specialists, we’re able to fill any staffing need quickly and effectively. We have supplied some of the world’s best technology talent to some of the world’s most sophisticated companies (Microsoft, Dell, etc.). Let us show you how we can help you.

What Makes us Different

  • Our Focus:  We take the time to understand your company, the talent you have, the talent you need and the culture of your organization. No one will invest more time understanding your business, requirements, and the type of person you need than ProSource.
  • Our Team:  Driven by our core values, our team caters our services specifically to you and your needs and simply will not stop until we find what you want.
  • Our Candidates:  Our deep bench includes thousands of local, regional and national candidates, immediately available for temporary and permanent help, all of which we screened, vetted and prequalified so you don’t have to.