Mainline ProSource Alliance


Tallahassee, FL – March 23, 2015

Two technology and innovation leaders, Mainline Information Systems, Inc. (Mainline), a leading provider of IT infrastructure and business solutions and services, and ProSource Solutions, LLC. (ProSource), a leading Microsoft technology consulting firm specializing in cloud strategy, platform and workforce optimization, and application modernization are pleased to announce their affiliation. This partnership is designed to help companies leverage their technology and technology budgets in new ways that maximize efficiency, dramatically improves productivity and substantially increases revenue generating activities and profitability.

Chip Nemesi, Senior Vice President of Services stated “Mainline has been on a journey to transform its business as the needs of our customers have changed. Today, it is essential for us to not just understand our traditional hardware and software niche but to show companies how they can use their technology budgets to deliver incredible business value and additional profitability.”

As a result, Mainline began looking for additional technology partners including ProSource, a four-time Microsoft Top Commercial Partner of the Year, specializing in application development, cloud platform and IT infrastructure strategies.

Lowell Messner, CEO of ProSource stated, “Anytime we can work with a world class company like Mainline, and effectively give our customers the best hardware, software and services solutions for the challenges they face, it truly is a big win for all involved and helps us look at everything from a 360 degree view. By approaching engagements in this way, we are seeing results that are driving incredible return on investment for the companies we are serving.”

Messner concluded by saying, “We (Mainline and ProSource) have our targets set high for 2015, and we are off to a fantastic start. There simply is so much change and advancement that it is difficult for most companies to stay on top of it all. With our combined experiences of working with some of the world’s largest, most complex and highly regulated companies we have a creative mindset that sets us apart from the rest, and enables us to see opportunities others simply don’t see.”