Success Stories

Global Technology Company: Custom App Development


Our client, a leading global technology company, wanted to improve their workforce proposal generation tool, and they decided that Office 2010 documents would accelerate proposal generation and ensure consistency throughout the process. Microsoft was looking to create statements of work and forecasts dynamically.


ProSource developed a customized sales estimation tool for our client comprised of a series of preformatted templates which assist the sales team in defining a task for the project, the various roles involved, and the cost related to the timeline.  ProSource developed a Statement of Work using Office Development and VBA scripting, and enhanced various components to assist in auto-filling the entire tool.  The new solution was built out in a Dynamic Environment, showcased an array of new SharePoint 2010 functionality, and featured the new Metro User Interface branding environment.

Business Value

The application provided an improved way to generate proposals within a simplified interface.  The application was able to pull information from an existing spreadsheet to generate a statement a work which saved time and effort for the sales team to allow them more time to sell.