Success Stories

Global Technology Company: SharePoint and Collaboration


Our client needed to develop some unique branding for an internal group, and they also wanted to create a central repository for data and interaction related to this group.


ProSource was engaged to give this internal group their own brand identity, and an online destination for secure collaboration. The ProSource team created an original logo for the group and then turned their attention to the infrastructure. Because they did not allow sandbox solutions of SharePoint, ProSource had to develop a model to showcase their online productivity group which featured Silverlight running on SharePoint.  The resulting solution enabled users to always know where they were within the site, and it was supported by a full Web Content Management  (WCM) for document management and publishing.

Business Value

Our client needed a way to define a brand that will identify a new team within the organization. By building and defining the brand value, the client was able promote their initiatives throughout the organization. The collaboration and support of dynamic content allowed the team to generate offerings more efficiently.