Success Stories

Financial Services and Charge Card Organization


A global services company, providing customers with access to products, insights and experiences, one of its business needed assistance in advancing its mobile to mobile payment application. The client needed assistance in designing ALM processes and tools to enable them to continue building their products efficiently and effectively.


ProSource partnered with Microsoft to architect and implement SharePoint 2010 for the client. The engagement began by scoping the environment for usage and scalability (number of users, tasks performed, throughput normalization), and after gathering specific performance information and requirements from the client, created a complete build-out of a SharePoint farm.  The platform roll-out included user profile syncing, intranet capabilities, and a complete collaboration portal with Enterprise Search.  Automated load testing and performance testing was created to validate the SharePoint farm.  The resulting build-out of the TFS 2010 was then integrated into SharePoint 2010, providing the client with a dashboard for managing internal development projects.  ProSource was engaged to provide customer training on how to best utilize this new platform.