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ProSource Solutions Promotes Shaun Mosher to Technical Group Lead

Richfield, OH – ProSource Solutions, LLC., a leading Microsoft solution provider in collaboration and content, application development, cloud platform and IT infrastructure strategies has promoted Shaun Mosher to Technical Group Lead.  Shaun will help lead the Application Development element of ProSource in our determination to continue satisfying our clients with the right solutions, at the right time, for the right business needs.

With the technology trends we are seeing in the market today, it is clear to ProSource that there are a few key movements in the applications development space that will require a well-rounded array of technical skills mixed with keen business acumen.  Shaun Mosher is uniquely skilled to lead in this space having worked with ProSource in various capacities as far back as 2007 and has become an extremely valuable member of our team.  Shaun’s expertise is focused around providing SharePoint solutions. He is also a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), and has development experience in Visual Basic and C#.  Directly aligned with ProSource’s core values, Shaun declares that he is “a technology enthusiast who believes that technology should support real life.”  We couldn’t agree more!

As larger firms begin to diversify and specialize in very dynamic markets, their IT operational needs begin to focus on more custom “vertical” application development.  While for years ProSource has provided quality on-point consulting to major firms deploying and supporting Microsoft technologies, we find that often times businesses have no choice but to build applications that close systematic gaps or integrate systems built from existing Microsoft solutions.  Accordingly, ProSource is reinvesting significate resources into its Application Development Operations Center in order to meet that need.

This effort includes provisioning full support for the “configure or build” dilemma most C-level executives are facing these days.  Consistent with ensuring the most return on investment for past IT projects, applications, and IT-based installations, more and more firms are looking to experts who know how to advise on efforts to retain and use the technology they already own.  In many cases, the best advice is not to completely rebuild a custom application from scratch; rather it is to keep certain parts of a well-functioning system in place, while building others specifically to work with existing technologies.  This allows businesses to consider a much better option–configure AND build versus being left to choose one or the other.

In addition to the standard fundamentals of IT investment and management, Enterprise Social Collaboration is taking the country by storm.  Having worked with major firms in vertical markets for many years now, ProSource understands very well the value of fostering and retaining key knowledge within the organization.  While the talk all around the IT market is about “Big Data,” ProSource understands the real issue affecting corporate America—Big Knowledge.  Knowledge is expensive to find, expensive to gain, and hard to organize.  ProSource is squarely postured to help firms take advantage of innovative ways to promote and retain corporate knowledge by deploying effective, useable, culture-fostering social technologies within the firm.



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