Success Stories

Steel Manufacturer


One of the world’s leading producers of highly engineered antifriction bearings and alloy steel wanted to capitalize on the emerging social computing paradigm to enable greater collaboration across their enterprise.  Their legacy site was built on old technology, and their vision was to put in a new organization-wide platform that would be able to evolve and scale to accommodate new technologies, and leverage user familiarity with social media tools like Facebook to facilitate greater access and improved communication and collaboration throughout the company.


After evaluating the company’s  far-reaching objectives and financial constraints, ProSource replaced their existing technology with a new SharePoint 2010 solution.  The program roll-out leveraged as many of the out-of-the-box features of this platform as possible, and then implemented targeted customization of the social media components to meet their requirements.  The result was the creation of a robust, scalable, enterprise-wide collaboration tool designed and laid out in a familiar and inviting social media environment.

Business Value

ProSource provided a way to showcase targeted content for users to increase their productivity and efficiently find knowledge throughout the organization. The creation of socialization among groups improved collaboration and knowledge throughout the organization.