Success Stories

Midwest Insurance Carrier

A large insurance and leading health care company headquartered in the Midwest turned to ProSource for assistance in upgrading their infrastructure, critical to serving millions of people across the nation.


Our client had a legacy infrastructure needing a migration to Windows 7 as NT is “end of life.” Because their system possessed sensitive data in the highly regulated healthcare industry, they had to ensure they retained rigorous compliance throughout the entire transition


We created a Jumpstart Proof of Concept (POC) for a duration of 10 weeks. During this time, a scenario was created whereby a complete Windows 7 image was built, as well as a the supporting infrastructure to deploy that image, and all of the ancillary technology underpinnings required.

Phase Two

Once the Windows 7 image was built, tested, and proven stable, our major healthcare client was ready to take the next step.

ProSource worked with our client  over 8 weeks to develop a System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), which involved building out an SCCM environment in the test environment to model a production system. This test environment was architected to operate like a production system so that it could access all of their remote systems, as well as their very secure local system, and function as a true mirror of what they were going to build. As a result of successfully testing and mirroring this environment, Our client  decided to proceed with making this environment fully operational and allocated the necessary resources to take on the rest of this project and build it out to the agreed upon specifications.