Success Stories

Midwest Hospital Network


A nonprofit, multispecialty academic medical center that integrates clinical and hospital care with research and education turned was experiencing challenges within its Marketing and Communications division’s legacy SharePoint platform. It had mushroomed over the past decade to include 23,000 files, in 264 document libraries, with a total of 2,537 folders (for sorting based on their filing protocols), and housed at 80 different sites. Because there was no Enterprise Content Management (ECM) strategy stipulating universal rule-based processes, a host of discrete administrators would interpret and apply different methodologies for sorting and storing files across the enterprise.


ProSource was engaged to replace their global file share system with an enterprise-wide SharePoint 2010 solution and implement best practices for information storage. ProSource began by selecting a governance team, drafting a governance plan for the team, and then making specific recommendations for the creation of an Enterprise Content Management system. When completed later in 2012, this platform will dramatically improve productivity by implementing a simple and sustainable information architecture across their various sites.

Business Value

By implementing a best practices approach and the solution for the client, the Client realized benefits in their information worker’s productivity.

  • They Reduced time finding documents from an average of 9.5 hours to less than 4
  • Reduced “re-work” time from an average of 6.0 hours a week re-creating existing information to less than 2
  • An improvement in “find-ability significantly”  increased information re-use and collaboration

The value that was gained was estimated to save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually

Significant improvements were made in productivity by implementing a single architecture for content and applying governance.  The increases in productivity greatly reduced costs saving over $200,000 in costs